Basement Waterproofing

At Prime Home Services, Inc., we use The No Water System® as an authorized installer for basement waterproofing. Below is some information on the system from their website.

The No Water System® interior basement waterproofing system is a result of decades of experience, testing, and dedication to finding the best, permanent solution to repair wet, leaky, or flooded basements for homeowners. Unlike other waterproofing systems, it will not clog, and provides a non-intrusive way to keep your basement dry. With a lifetime transferable warranty, The No Water System® will give you peace of mind for your biggest investment, your home. Review our list of cities to see if the No Water System® interior basement waterproofing system is available in your area.

How does it work?

The No Water System® consists of two components: the Bullet Track® and the Footing Gutter™. The Bullet Track® rushes water from the wall-footing joint, below the basement floor, and drops it into the Footing Gutter™. At the same time, the Footing Gutter™ skims the clean water from below the basement floor, leaving all sediments behind. Clean water is then collected in the Dual Pump Pack® basin and discharged to a safe distance away from your home. This protects your home and makes The No Water System® the only water containment-diversion system on the market.

Benefits of the no water system®

The No Water waterproofing system has all of the benefits homeowners and contractors are looking for. This interior drainage system solves water seepage problems in basements without the risk of breaking or clogging. The Footing Gutter™ moves water freely to the sump pump or drainage and the Bullet Track® prevents debris from entering the system.

The benefits of The No Water System® over other waterproofing systems are many, and include:

This basement waterproofing system takes problem water from outside and inside your basement walls, as well as your basement floor, and leaves no water in your basement. Hands down, The No Water System® is the superior waterproofing system on the market today.

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